New Patient Information

Tri-County Pain Consultants offers many resources for patients and their families to learn and understand more about chronic pain. The menu on the left includes additional information for patients, including information on different painful conditions and the part of the body affected by them as well as treatments and procedures offered.

To become a patient with our practice you may need a referral if your insurance requires one. To schedule a first time appointment, call (800) 319-3118. You will need to know your current health insurance information as well as the name of your primary care or family physician.

Request Appointment Online

If you prefer to submit a new patient appointment request online, please fill out the form below. When filling out the form, please select Scheduling as the Inquiry and include your name and your preference for contact, email or phone call. If you prefer a phone call please also include your phone number with area code and a good time to call. One of our schedulers will contact you back within two business days with more information.